Physical Therapy Department

One on one Physical Therapy Services Patients at Eastside Rehab are worked with on a one to one basis,, and are always supervised for proer technique and progression. Factors contributing to their initial injury are also addressed (body mechanics, ergonomics, etc.), to minimize the re-injury risk.

pt-amputationRehabilitation for:

  • Lower back injuries
  • Amputations
  • Fractures
  • Post-surgical procedures
  • Sprains/Strains

FCE – Functional Capacity Evaluations based on the Matheson Program

  • Performed by a Matheson Trained Evaluator
  • Consciously structured evaluations
  • Customized towards clients actual job demands

Baseline FCE Address client’s ability to perform within the 20 core Physical Demands of work including:

  1. Client’s current physical abilities
  2. Client’s Capability to perform work demands in labor market
  3. Client’s restrictions upon returning to work

Job Specific FCE Assesses client’s abilities in comparison to demands of a target job; answers the following:

  1. Client’s ability to return to pre-injury job
  2. Client’s need for reasonable accommodation
  3. Client’s workday tolerance

Medical-Level Functional Capacity Evaluation; focuses on:

  1. Client’s residual physical tolerances
  2. Client’s loss of ability
  3. Client’s potential for rehabilitation

Eastside Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapy Department also offers:

  • Strong manual therapy emphasis incorporated into rehabilitations
  • Pre-employment physical testing

pt-woundWound care: wide array of wound care services from:

  • Simple dressing changes
  • Selective sharp debridement of devitalized tissue

Urinary Incontinence using EMG feedback

The treatment of urinary incontinence using an internal EMG sensor to provide the patient visual feedback during exercises amplifies the effectiveness of incontinence management.